Best of 2019

Best of 2019

Best of 2019⁣

There were many to choose from but here are some of my favorite restoration projects from the past year. ⁣

Thank you to everyone who uses our product to restore and preserve your leather goods. ⁣

I’m grateful for your support because without it I wouldn’t be able to carry on this family legacy. ⁣

Your tags, mentions and word of mouth recommendations mean a lot to me. ⁣

I can’t wait for the new year and to see more restorations. ⁣

Happy New Year!⁣

Thomas ⁣


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  • 샌즈카지노

    I did an interview with Liz Strauss once and she offered some great advice about this. One was to not wrap up posts in a neat and tidy package the way your English teacher taught us.
    The other is that if you’re creating a list, to offer the first few things that come to your mind, but not hunt for more things to add to the list. Instead, leave some stones unturned and let readers add to the discussion.

  • 포커사이트

    Yes, the way you write tends to have me want to interject my own opinion. Haven’t quite pinpointed why, yet, but you’re on the right track!
    You’re shameless. But I’m doing my part to help. It’s rare for me to comment 3 times on my own posts.

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