Leather care made easy

A Family Recipe Since 1976

A Family Recipe Since 1976

My grandfather couldn't find a leather care product that met his needs, so he made his own.

The result, Blackrock Leather N Rich.

Blackrock started in 1976 and was first sold from my grandfather's western store.

45 years later, I'm still making Blackrock following
 my grandfather's recipe and I’m proud to say it is Made in the USA.

Made in USA


Blackrock will work on all finished leather.

It is not designed for use on suede or nubuck.

As my grandma always said, if it's leather, use Blackrock.

Yes, Blackrock is made with carnauba wax and will add a layer of protection against water helping make your leather water repellent. Blackrock will not waterproof your leather.

Blackrock is formulated to work on any color leather.