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Free domestic shipping on orders over $40.00

Our Story

In 1976, my grandfather and a few friends decided to band their talents together and open a small shoe repair store adding a few boots to sell. They named it Christian Brothers Western Store. Their first store was a small shop on Derby Street in Pekin, Illinois. Along the way, they added western wear and leather goods and grew from their humble beginnings to have six retail locations throughout Illinois.  

Christian Brothers Western Store

At the same time, my grandfather created a leather care product naming it Blackrock Leather N Rich. He started selling it in Christian Brothers with every pair of boots they sold. The demand for Blackrock grew and soon it was being sold all over the United States as a proven alternative to soaps, oils, water repellents, and other conditioners. 

Along with the help from my family, I'm blessed to be carrying on what was started by my grandfather. I have vivid childhood memories of filling jars and shipping orders in the back of his western store. 

Blackrock Leather Cleaner     Blackrock Leather Care

Not much has changed because we proudly make Blackrock the same way my grandfather did, using the same formula. Blackrock is made in small batches right here in the U.S.A. to ensure it is of the highest quality standards. Blackrock is not mass produced in a factory somewhere. When we make Blackrock there is no cutting corners. 

Blackrock Leather Family Owned

For us, quality trumps quantity. 

The relationships we build matter to us. Please contact us if you have any questions at We can also be reached toll free at 877-858-7625.

If you are interested in selling Blackrock Leather N Rich in your store, please contact us for further information.  

Thanks for reading. 

 Blackrock Leather Care