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Free domestic shipping on orders over $40.00

Complete Leather Care Kit - 16 ounce

Proper care is crucial to keep your leather looking its best.

This kit has all the tools you need to give complete care to your leather goods to ensure their lifetime.

Kit Includes:

  • 16 ounce Jar of Blackrock Leather N Rich
      • Made following my grandfather's recipe
      • Cleans, softens, preserves all finished leather
      • Remove scuffs
      • Works on any color leather without darkening
      • Carnauba Wax restores luster and buffs to a shine
  • Horsehair Brush
      • Quick, even shine to your leather boots and shoes
      • 100% Natural Horsehair 
      • 6" Finished Hardwood Handle
  • Shop Rag
      • Easily clean off all dirt, dust, and residue
      • 13" x 13"
      • 100% Cotton

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