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Free domestic shipping on orders over $40.00

Complete Leather Care Kit

This kit has all the tools you need to give complete care to your leather goods to ensure their lifetime.

Kit Includes:

  • 4 ounce Jar of Blackrock Leather N Rich

      • Made following my grandfather's recipe

      • Cleans, softens, preserves all finished leather

      • Remove scuffs

      • Works on any color leather without darkening

      • Carnauba Wax restores luster and buffs to a shine

  • Horsehair Brush

      • Quick, even shine to your leather boots and shoes

      • 100% Natural Horsehair 

      • 6" Finished Hardwood Handle

  • Shop Rag

      • Easily clean off all dirt, dust, and residue

      • 13" x 13"

      • 100% Cotton

      • Handmade in Tennessee

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